Joanne Weir's Cookbooks

Kitchen Gypsy by Joanne Weir

Sep 2015

KITCHEN GYPSY pairs 100 new recipes and 250 photographs with my favorite food memories, such as my first cooking fiasco at the age of eight; working on the line at Chez Panisse; culinary travels through Morocco, Australia, and Italy; and the excitement of opening my first restaurant.

Joanne Weir's Cooking Confidence: Dinner Made Simple

Nov 2012

So many of us love the idea of whipping up a fabulous dinner during the week, but when it comes to putting the pan on the flame, we lose confidence. Do I have the skills to pull this off? Do I have the time? The answer is “yes” when you have Joanne Weir’s Cooking Confidence at your fingertips.

Joanne Weir's More Cooking in the Wine Country

Feb 2012

Northern California is on the same latitude as many of the countries of the Mediterranean, and award-winning chef Joanne Weir's cooking embodies the vivid flavors of that region. In this book, Weir shares 150 new recipes from the second season of her acclaimed public television series, Weir Cooking in the Wine Country, presented with all the warmth, enthusiasm, skill, and flair that has made her a household name.

Tequila: A Guide to Types, Flights, Cocktails, and Bites

Feb 2009

A connoisseur's guide to understanding and enjoying top-shelf tequila, with 60 recipes for drinks and tequila-infused foods.